Joe Wiggins

Senior Mortgage Advisor

NMLS # 290856

When you are about to make the biggest purchase of your life, you should have zero doubt about the loan process and your financing options.

I wish all mortgage loan originators felt this way, but the truth is that I've seen many instances where folks in my industry want to make a sale instead of providing a trusted service. When I began my career as a loan originator, I decided that I had an opportunity to bring positive change to the mortgage industry, even if only in my community.

From first-time buyers to experienced investors, senior citizens to our Veteran heroes,it doesn't matter who you are or where you come from, you deserve an honest analysis of your purchasing power. I make it my goal to share the ins and outs of mortgage lending with all of my clients. After all, how can you make the best decisions for you and yours if you don't fully understand the structure and process of the transaction?

"No" is a word I don't like to use. If you are not ready to move forward with your home loan, I won't give up on you or your goals. Instead, we'll work together to develop a game plan that will allow you to achieve the dream of home ownership. We've all had ups and downs in our finances, but I believe that most challenges can be overcome with careful planning and a positive attitude.

What makes me different? I truly care. Your goals become my goals; your challenges are my challenges. Ultimately, I want your success to become my success.

Joe Wiggins

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